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Very Low-fee | Secure + Dedicated Servers | Reliable Stake Pools Run By Pros

Our mission in Crypto Nodes is to spread crypto currencies to the community by creation a none profit Stake Pools / Node validators and help people to adopt Bitcoin and Crypto Technology. Our vision is to see the cryptocurrencies actions in daily use and allow holders (our supporters) to receive passive income.

ADA Staking Pool


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Mina Stacking pool


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Why Delegate To Crypto Nodes?

Dedicated Servers

We are using cloud server running a major cloud provider (AWS,Azure,GCP) our server farm contains several servers with redundancy.


Our technical team configured the servers to run 24/7 no downtime. You can sleep well while your crypto is working for you


We are community driven pool with regular engagement. We are available for you 24/7 Via Email, or our Telegram chat and group.

Risk Free

Your funds are never at risk when staking, your ADA available for you at any time spend, send or unstack at any time. Earn rewards while you sleep.


ADA Pool ID: 61b08996d4130641ba2a11a76221d6cf0928e5b14c303ee6ea8d52ba

Pool Ticker: CRPND

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