How To Stake Your ADA In 3 Easy Step?

Your first and simple step is to download your ADA wallet, pick the wallet you prefer from the list below:

Step 1: Download Wallet

Daedalus wallet for ADA

Daedalus Wallet

The main wallet for ADA which create by IOHK is Daedalus Wallet. Daedalus wallet is a software wallet and is a full node, this means it downloads and synchronizes with the blockchain any time you log in to the wallet. You can download it here

Yori Wallet

Yoroi Wallet

If you prefer a hot wallet located in browser - Yoroi Wallet is a light wallet for Cardano. It’s simple, fast and secure. Download it only at:

Step 2: Delegate Your ADA To - CRPND Pool

How To Delegate From Yoroi Wallet:

Click on Delegation List

Log In Your Yori Wallet

On main screen click on ""DELEGATION LIST" and the search box type in "CRPND" and press Delegate!

Confirm request

Confirm Your Request

Confirm your request and the amount of ADA you want to stake. Remember, Your ADA never going to leave your wallet, this process is 100% safe and secure! You can withdraw, spend or send your ADA at any time!

How To Delegate From Daedalus Wallet:

To delegate your ADA in Daedalus Wallet, follows those step:

Click on the Delegate Symbol

1. Click

On the left side, click on the second symbol to move to delegation center.

Click on Stake pool

2. Stake Pool

On delegation center click on stake pools.

Search for CRPND pool

3. Search

Type CRPND at the search tab, and click on the pool.

After picking the CRPND pool, complete the process following:

Press Delegate To This Pool

4. Delegate

Click on the bottom button to delegate to this pool.

Pick your ADA wallet

5. Wallet

Select the wallet you want to delegate your ADA from.

Choose CRPND stake pool

6. confirm

Confirm CRPND pool and click continue.

And the last thing you have to do is to typing your spending password.

Type your password and confirm

7. Password

You almost done, just type your spending passwords and you done.

Step 3: Earn Rewards

How The Rewards Calculate and Share?

When staking at the first time your rewards will share with you within 20 days – which it’s 4 epoch. Epoch is period of time of 5 days, in the end of each epoch a calculation is made in which we count the number of blocks our pool got and rewards we earn which be sheering with all of our delegators.

Epoch 1 - Day 1 to Day 5

At the end of your first epoch since you delegated to CRPND pool, your ADA will be snapshot and registered into the pool.

Epoch 2 - Day 5 to Day 10

During the second epoch since you delegated to CRPND pool, your ADA will become active and will be eligible for rewards.

Epoch 3 - Day 10 to Day 15

In the third epoch since you delegated to CRPND pool, your ADA earn rewards on the period of time they were lock at epoch 2. The rewards will be send to you at the begining of epoch 4.

Epoch 4 - Day 15 to Day 20

Congratulations! You earn rewards. You get passive income! Your payout of epoch 2 deposited directly into your wallet. All you have to do is to wait for the next epoch to earn more rewards.

Current ADA Epoch End In:


About Crypto Nodes:

Our mission in Crypto Nodes is to spread crypto currencies to the community by creation a none profit Stake Pools / Node validators and help people to adopt Bitcoin and Crypto Technology. Our vision is to see the cryptocurrencies actions in daily use and allow holders (our supporters) to receive passive income.

Crypto Nodes Fee:

Crypto Nodes charge only 2% fee from the rewards. The rest of the rewards will be distributed among all delegators according to the amount of their contribution to the pool.

We using those 2% to cover our cost and maintenance of our high performance servers.

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