How To Stake Your MINA In 3 Easy Step?

If you have made a smart decision and bought some MINA Protocol coins, then you should also earn passive income thanks to them. Follow the next steps and start earn Mina rewards:

Step 1: Download Wallet

Clorio Wallet Logo

Clorio Wallet

The popular wallet for keeping Mina and earn rewards by delegate your Mina is Clorio Wallet.

Remember, When sending Mina coins to your new Clorio Wallet, there is a 1 Mina fee for – Wallet Creation.

If you already create a Mina wallet, log in to the wallet or go to and click on Clorio Mainnet, after it click on Access with Passphrase or Private key.

Access with private key

Step 2: Staking Hub

After log click on the Staking Hub.

Press on Staking Hub Mina

Step 3:Choose and Confirm Staking Pool

When enter Staking Hub, search for our pool Crypto Nodes in the list below. When finding the pool click Delegate.

If you do not find or don’t want to search, click on custom delegation (See red arrow). In the new box which appear add pool ID:


And click confirm (See red arrow).

Add pool ID

Now, confirm the payment fee for the process and click proceed.

Pay fee confirmation

Enter your private key or passphrase and click confirm.

Add private key

The action will be updated after a few seconds, and you will see the update in your wallet. See red arrow.

About Crypto Nodes:

Our mission in Crypto Nodes is to spread crypto currencies to the community by creation a none profit Stake Pools / Node validators and help people to adopt Bitcoin and Crypto Technology. Our vision is to see the cryptocurrencies actions in daily use and allow holders (our supporters) to receive passive income.

Crypto Nodes Fee:

Crypto Nodes charge only 5% fee from the rewards. The rest of the rewards will be distributed among all delegators according to the amount of their contribution to the pool.

We using those 5% to cover our cost and maintenance of our high performance servers.

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